Xerocon 2019 - the best bits

The team at Seed Accounting have just come back from the Xerocon 2019 - the annual 'Coachella' for accountants held in Brisbane. Whilst it may seem ho hum for most normal people with a personality, we are pleased to report some game changing ideas and technology that will really help small business.

Key Insights

- Automated reporting using Spotlight or Futrli

- Debt funding in non traditional ways using products like Tyro

- There were 100 suppliers and services - clearly the app / add on market is huge. There are apps for doctors, tradies, etc. There is funding, super apps. And all on SAAS payment plans.

- Listened to Emma Murray (performance coach for Richmond Football Club), who also had to deal with the trauma of her son becoming a quadraplegic after an accident. Its an inspirational story - taught us how to Shift your focus, and Shift your f-ysical (motion changes emotion)

- Marketing for business using Facebook, and Google Adwords. It;s amazing how easy it is to setup. How cost effective and how targeted marketing can be.

- Listened to a panel of ATO officers discussing how they are using technology to 'ensure a fairer tax system' (translated as targeting tax evasion and the black economy)

If any of these are of interest, contact the team. We have used these and implemented for a number of clients, and can also get discounts.